Fee Amount
Liquor Licenses
All Alcoholic Club License
All Alcoholic Common Victualer License$1,000.00
All Alcoholic Innholder's License$1,000.00
All Alcoholic Package Store License$1,000.00
Entertainment License$100.00
Temporary 1-Day All Alcoholic License$25.00
Temporary 1-Day Wine & Malt Beverage License$10.00
Wine & Malt Beverage Common Victualer$600.00
Wine & Malt Beverage Package Store$600.00
Motor Vehicle Licenses
Class I Dealer's License
Class II Dealer's License$100.00
Class III Dealer's License$100.00
Livery License$10.00
Motor Vehicle Graveyard License$100.00
Other Licenses/Permits/Fees
Auctioneer's License - 1 Day
Auctioneer's License - Annual$25.00
Automatic Amusement Devices License$50.00/device
Copies (+ time invovled, if applicable)$0.20/page
Hawker's & Peddler's License$50.00
Jukebox License$20.00
License of Sale of 2nd Hand Furniture/Merchandise$10.00
Permit to Open Roadway$150.00
Public Hearing Fee$100.00
Transient Vendor License$20.00