The Town Accountant is responsible for maintaining the town's financial records, including the statement of revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, and any other records required by law or regulation. No bill can be paid without the approval of the town accountant. The town accountant also reviews each proposed expenditure to ensure that the money has been lawfully appropriated to pay such expenditure. The town accountant prepares warrants for payment (a list of bills compiled for signature of the Board of Selectmen) and may withhold payment of an item if the expense is illegal, not approved by appropriation, or would cause the appropriation to be exceeded. The town accountant also prepares the monthly budget report of revenues and expenditures of all town funds.

If you should have any questions about the appropriation or expenditure of funds please feel free to call the Town Accountant's Office.

The Town Accountant and staff is appointed by the Board of Selectmen.


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kimberley Fales Town Accountant
Pamela Sousa Assistant Town Accountant