Curbside Trash & Recycling

Curbside Trash & Recycling is a function of the Board of Health & it's staff.  Contact information for the office and for Borges Bros. Trucking, the company that handles trash pickup for The Town of Freetown, can be found above.

Weekly Trash Disposal

The Town of Freetown adopted a Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Disposal program in 2010.  Official Town Bags need to be purchased for weekly pick-up.

All curbside trash must be placed in a green, Freetown Pay-As-You-Throw, Official Town Bag. These bags are sold in 5-bag sleeves: 15 gal  =  $6.25 33 gal  =  $12.50.

Non-compliant, excessively heavy (50 lbs or over) or torn trash bags will not be picked up and a violation sticker will be left behind.

Bags can be purchased at the following local merchants:

Assonet Area:

Freetown Town Hall, 3 N. Main St.
Junior’s Convenience Store, 58 S. Main St.
Circle K, 68 S. Main St.
Transfer Station 49 Howland Rd.
Shaw’s, 4171 N. Main St, Fall River
Trucchi’s, 543 County St., Taunton

East Freetown Area:

Quick Pic, 1 Chace Rd.
Circle K, 4 Chace Rd.
Prime Express, 1 Mason Rd.
Stop & Shop, 1001 King’s Hwy., New Bedford
Trucchi’s, 2941 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford

Weekly Curbside Recycling

Freetown also provides weekly curbside recycling for its residents.  The town uses single stream recycling (all recyclable material mixed together) for its ease.

Please adhere to the following steps to ensure pick-up of your recycling:

  1. Please affix a Freetown Recycles sticker to any Recycling Barrel. A recycling barrel can be any barrel 40 gallons or smaller, as long as it has this sticker on it. 
  2. All recyclable material must be placed in a Recycling Barrel.
  3. All recyclable material must be clean. No food waste or trash can be mixed in with recyclables.
  4. Cardboard must be cut down to pieces no larger than 2' x 2' & bundled

Freetown Recycles stickers are available at both the Town Hall (3 North Main Street) and the Transfer Station (49 Howland Road) in Assonet.

Do not place recycling in a plastic bag or a trash bag.

Please note: Diabetic Needles must be taken to the Fire Department for proper disposal

All weekly trash and recycling must be put at curbside no later than 7:00am on your pick-up day.


The street pickup schedule can be found at the link at left.

In the event of national or state holidays, trash will not be picked up, with the remainder of the week pushed back one day. A full listing of all holidays that effect trash pickup can also be found at the link at left.

Staff Contacts

Humberta St. Louis