Board of Health

The Board of Health is responsible for promoting public health in Freetown. It conducts investigations of health and environmental problems and manages and coordinates health programs and services within the town. Major concerns include preventing and controlling communicable diseases and ensuring that health requirements governing food service establishments, water supply, sewage disposal, housing and public swimming areas are met.

The Department also licenses and inspects restaurants, markets, bakeries, clubs, recreational camps for children, family-type campgrounds, public and semi-public swimming pools. We collect water samples for bacterial analysis of the Town beaches. We inspect installation of sewage disposal systems, license installers of sewage disposal systems and witnesses percolation tests and soil evaluations. Aside from this, we respond to complaints regarding nuisances and any of the licensed and inspected establishments.

The Board of Health is empowered by the Town of Freetown By-Laws and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws to review and take direct action on any issues of public health.

We have provided forms and a list of fees to save you time. Please call us if you should have further questions.

The Board of Health is comprised of three members who also serve as the Board of Selectmen. Each Board member is elected to a three year term. The Board of Health Agent is appointed by the Board of Health to act as its agent in the day to day activities of the office.

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Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name TitleTerm
Mary Bowen



Margaret M. French



Carlos Lopes





Board of Heath Agent

Allison Sylvia

Senior Clerk

Lori Desmarais

Public Health Nurse

Sophia Sarmento

COVID-19 Contact Tracer

Transfer Station Supervisor

Gabrielle Almeida

Health Inspector

Shallyn Rodriguez

Health Inspector