Historical Commission

The continuing presence of historic properties in Massachusetts immeasurably enhances the quality of our lives; they help to establish our sense of place and to define the very character of our communities. To meet the challenge of preserving this important heritage, the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) was established by the legislature in 1963 to identify, evaluate, and protect important historical and archaeological assets of the Commonwealth.

Local Historical Commissions

Established by a vote of the town or city government, a Local Historical Commission* (LHC) is the municipal agency responsible for ensuring that preservation concerns are considered in community planning and development decisions. Over 340 LHCs across Massachusetts are already established and working closely with the MHC. They serve as local preservation advocates and as an important resource for information about their community's cultural resources and preservation activities.


Name Title
Mary Rezendes-Brown Chairwoman
Nicole Bruno
Paul Deneault Vice Chairman
Jacqueline Petrouski Clerk
Peter Erwin Associate Member
James Rezendes Associate Member