Building Committee

Following a needs assessment conducted in 2013-14, the Building Committee was formed to plan and execute a program of updating or replacing municipal buildings as needed. 

Much of the work is carried out by its subcommittees and affiliated committees, currently the Fire Station Building Subcommittee and the COA/Library Community Building Committee.

The Building Committee itself meets as needed to receive updates from these groups and to discuss other projects, such as the purchase of temporary office space (akin to portable classrooms) for the Council on Aging and the ongoing work to rehabilitate the town's oldest public building, the Village School (1794).

Committee Members



Paul G. Sadeck

Vice Chairman

Recording Clerk

Robert H. Alderson
Harrie Ashley Jr.
Mark Fornaciari
Paul D. Lubin
Mary Rezendes-Brown
Charles B. Sullivan
Kent Wilkins
Jared Zager