Conservation Permits

A Conservation permit is needed whenever any work or alteration falls in or within 100 feet of any of the following resource areas: fresh water wetland (regardless of size); coastal wetland or saltmarsh; beach; dune; (tidal) flat; water-body (including ponds, rivers, streams, estuaries or the ocean); land under said waters; coastal bank (defined by slope-ratio and including any such slopes within the 100-year flood zone); inland bank (defined by slope-ratio) that leads to a freshwater wetland or water-body, and land subject to flooding or inundation by groundwater, surface water tidal action or storm flowage (the "100-year Flood Zone").

Anyone seeking to do any work within 100 feet of a wetland, 200 feet of a river or stream, or in any area that may cause additional runoff into a wetland, river, or stream, must obtain prior approval of the Commission. In order to get that approval they must file documents, providing complete information on the site and the proposed work.

Conservation impacts are not always apparent. Please call the Commission if you have questions.