Inspector of Electrical Wiring

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The primary mission of the Wiring Inspector is to protect the citizens of Freetown by inspecting all wiring performed by licensed electricians, under permit. Those installations are required to meet the standards set forth in the Massachusetts Electrical Code.

The Wiring Inspector works with licensed electricians as well as homeowners to provide the citizens and properties in Freetown with the highest level of public safety possible.

*Note to Licensed Electricians - It is your obligation to call for final wiring inspections.

Forms & Regulations

Application for Permit to Perform Electrical Work

To schedule an inspection please call the Building Department at (508) 644-2202 x3.

Fees collected by Inspector of Electrical Wiring

  Fee Amount Fee Extra Minimum
NOTICE: Fees will be doubled for starting a project without a permit. $0.00   0  
1st $2500
$100.00   0  
Each additional $2,000 $25.00   0  
Additional Outlets
$50.00   0  
Additions $80.00   0  
Alarms $75.00   0  
Appliances $50.00   0  
Garage $50.00   0  
New Dwellings $150.00   0  
Oil Burner $50.00   0  
Reinspections $50.00   0  
Service $50.00   0  
Sewage Pump $50.00   0  
Swimming Pools $75.00   0  
Temporary Service $25.00   0  
Underground Service $75.00   0