Online Payments

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The Town of Freetown offers an on-line payment service to assists individuals in paying some municipal bills more conveniently.  This secure service allows bill payers to electronically pay their bills using a credit card or electronic check.

     ° No signup cost
    ° Electronic bank transaction
    ° Easy, convenient, and secure
    ° Uses checking or savings accounts
    ° Credit Card payments available 
    ° Visa Credit card is only accepted for Real Estate and Personal Property  tax online payments. The same conditions apply for Visa Debit cards, accepted for a set $3.95 per transaction.


 Individuals can now pay your Real Estate, Personal Property, Excise Tax, Water Bills, and Dog Licenses online.  In addition, copies of vital records and certain documents in the Town Clerk's Office can be requested and payed for online.  Please click on one of the links found below to be connected to the online process.                           


  •                  AND                                                                                                                                                                                                         Click here to make your payments for Real Estate, Personal Property, Excise Tax or Water Bills                                 ****************************************************************************








Please click on the UniPay Gold logo below to begin your on-line payment.