Local Census Form

The census forms are mailed to every household in January of each year. The census form contains the information of all members of the household including address, names, dates of birth, occupations, voter status (party), veteran status, nationality (if not US Citizen) and number of dogs and cats.  The form should be signed by the resident (under the penalties of perjury), dated and returned to the Town Clerk's Office in the envelope provided.

Children should also be listed on the census form.  This information pertaining to children under 17 is not considered a record for public access (information is accessible to the school committee and police department per MGL).   The veterans information can only be released to the local veterans' service officer, adjutant general and secretary of veterans' services.

The census envelope contains a warning (as directed by Mass. General Law) that failure to respond to the census mailing for 2 consecutive years will result in removal from the active voting list.  By answering the census you help your community to obtain state and federal funds and also provide valuable demographic information.

Click HERE to obtain a blank census form to complete and submit to the Board of Registrars/Town Clerk's Office.  This form can also be used by new residents move to town during the course of the year.