Snow Plow Drivers Wanted for 2018-2019 Winter/Snow Season

The Town of Freetown seeks snow removal services from owners/operators of snow removal equipment for the upcoming snow and ice season.

Contractors wishing to plow for the town this year must provide the attached paperwork to the Board of Selectmen’s office no later than Thursday, November 1, 2018.  The Selectmen will be meeting on November 5th to approve and sign all contracts.  If your contract is not submitted by the deadline, you will not be able to plow this year.

The Highway Surveyor will be having a meeting in November to go over routes.

If you have any questions regarding the contract, please contact the Selectmen’s office at (508) 644-2201 x1.  If you have any questions regarding snow plowing in general, please contact the Highway Surveyor at (508) 763-2359.


Please note: Incomplete packets will NOT be accepted. For a packet to be considered complete, it MUST have copy of driver's license and  commercial vehicle registration(s). Certificate of insurance may be faxed separately to the Selectmen's office: 508-644-3342.