Proposed New Freetown Police Station

The Proposed New Freetown Police Station
The Proposed New Freetown Police Station

Informational Video

An informational video, produced by Compass Group Architecture, is now available, embedded at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, this video can be viewed directly on the Town of Freetown's YouTube Page


Northwest View of Proposed Police Station

Current Police Station vs. Proposed New Police Station

This comparison of the current police station & the proposed new police station is courtesy of the Freetown Police Association.

Current StationProposed New Station
  • Year Built: 1977
  • Construction: Stacked cinder block and concrete
  • Insulation: None, built into the side of a hill
  • Floors: One
  • Total Sq. Feet: 3,000
  • Sq. Feet Open for Expansion: None.
  • Office Space: 3 Rooms
  • Chief's Office also includes personnel files and equipment storage
  • Sergeants Office includes 2 desks shared by 5 Sgt's, along with storage for police reports, equipment and access to the armory.
  • Lieutenant/Detective Office is comprised of two desks, office equipment and filing cabinets squished into a room meant for one person. This room also has access to the property and evidence room.
  • Officers room is named "the multi-purpose room" as it serves as the break room, report room, kitchen, evidence processing room (including narcotics on the same table we eat off of), equipment storage, Police Union office (aka: a desk) and meeting room.
  • Booking and Detention areas:
  • No sally port to securely remove detainees from the cruisers.
  • Both areas are attached to main hallway and are within earshot of the front lobby and public areas.
  • Holding cells are out of date, not secure and have failed inspections by the Dept. of Public Health for suicide hazards.
  • Current cell design does not allow us to hold multiple male and female or juveniles at the same time as they must be sight and sound secure per MA state law.
  • There is only one interview room, which is not equipped with adequate sound proofing material or audio/visual equipment. This also serves as an additional holding cell in the event of overflow or male/female/juvenile arrestees.
  • Security measures are non-existent at the station. Access to the station interior is not securely protected from the exterior, the camera system constantly fails and there is no separation between the public and police parking.
  • Nothing has been done to accommodate the addition of female staff and police officers in the last 30 years. All police personnel share one locker room, which is also only one of two bathrooms in the station.
  • Overflow storage, including police records and police equipment, is held in outdoor shipping containers secured with padlocks.
  • Estimated Longevity: 50 years, plus
  • Construction: Rain screen, fiber cement clapboard
  • Insulation: Continuous throughout the entire building
  • Floors: Two
  • Total Sq. Feet: 25,992 (17,294 finished area)
  • Sq. Feet Open for Expansion: 8,695
  • Total Project Costs: $12,378,602.30
  • Offset from Overlay: $1,500,000.00
  • Offset from Free Cash: $1,378,602.30
  • Offset from Capital Stablization: $3,000.000.00
  • Total Cost for Financing: $6,500,000.00
  • Tax Increase (average) of $96.12 over 20 years.
  • Community Room: 70 person training, community meeting room and Emergency Operations Center.
  • Office Space:
  • Administration - separated from the patrol and investigative divisions, the Administration wing will allow for easy access for the public to meet with the Chief, Lieutenant and other command staff without disrupting the day-to-day operation of the police department. This will also allow for more secure and efficient evidence and property management.
  • Investigations - This division requires the most privacy in order to run effectively. With the new design, the detectives will be away from the daily operations and will allow for interviews to be conducted in private to better encourage the flow of information pertaining to criminal investigations or other private matters involving the detectives.
  • Patrol - The largest of the divisions, will allow for Sergeants to run roll call at the start of each shift to pass along information and conduct training. The patrol division can run independently from the rest of the department from the minute the walk into the station for work until the officer leaves. This separation will allow for arrests to be made away from the public view, without interfering citizen interactions such as firearms licensing, interviews or other sensitive police-related matters. This will also include a larger armory area, secured firearms cleaning area for officers and more storage space for cruiser maintenance, collision reconstruction and K-9 operations.
  • 180 foot emergency radio network radio tower
  • Increased security measures including key FOB's, secured doors and storage, a sally port, state approved and compliant detention cells.


Southwest View of Proposed Police Station

Informational Meetings

The Freetown Police Sub-Committee and Compass Group Architecture held a series of informational sessions on the proposed new Police Station project. These sessions were held at the Apponequet High School Auditorium.

Wednesday, October 3, at 7pm
Saturday, October 6, at 1pm
Wednesday, October 10, at 7pm
Saturday, October 20, at 1pm

At each meeting, an informational video was shown and arcitect Andrew Digiammo and members of the Police Sub-Committee were on hand to discuss the project. 

Future Informational Sessions will be posted here if and when announced.

The Proposed Police Station

What Comes Next?

The Police Station project will be voted on at a Special Town Meeting held on November 14th. Information on that meeting can be found by clicking here

A Special Town Election will follow the Special Town Meeting, on December 1st. Information on that election can be found by clicking here.