Station 2

157 County Road

Station 2 is located at 157 County Road in the East Freetown section of town. Station 2 began life in 1926 as a car dealership and repair garage. The town began storing fire apparatus at the garage in 1933 in order to improve fire protection in East Freetown. The building was purchased outright in 1969 and converted into a fire station. An addition was built in 1989 to add an additional apparatus bay as well as a training area. Station 2 is an unstaffed “call” station and is manned on an as-needed basis by off-duty and on-call firefighters. Station 2 houses two engines, one ladder truck, one ambulance, one brush breaker, and one marine unit. Look below for more information.

Engine 2 | Engine 4 | Ladder 2 | Rescue 2 | Breaker 2 | Marine 2

Engine 2

Engine 2 is a 1997 International/KME pumper. Engine 2 is the primary firefighting vehicle out of Station 2 and responds first to all fire and rescue calls in East Freetown. Engine 2 is equipped with a Hale 1,250 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon water tank. Engine 2 also carries the Jaws of Life and various medical equipment for motor vehicle accidents and is defibrillator equipped.

Engine 4

Engine 4 is a 1986 Ford/Ranger pumper that was previously assigned to Engine 3. Engine 4 serves as the department’s reserve pumper and is used when one of the primary units goes out of service for repairs or maintanence. Engine 4 is equipped with a Hale 1,250 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon water tank.

Ladder 2

Ladder 2 is a 1978 Ward LaFrance/Maxim 100’ rear-mount aerial ladder truck. This vehicle previously served Dartmouth Fire District 3 and was donated to the department in 2003. Ladder 2 responds second due out of Station 2 for all fire related calls behind Engine 2. Ladder 2 is a “quint” apparatus and is equipped with a Hale 1,500 gallon per minute pump and a 300 gallon water tank in addition to the aerial device. This unit is a very important piece of equipment for the safety of our firefighters as it provides a stable working platform when performing rooftop operations. It also helps to lower the town’s insurance rates.

Rescue 2

Rescue 2 is a 2006 Ford E-450/Horton Type III Ambulance that was previously assigned to Rescue 3. Rescue 2 is a fully licensed and equipped Advanced Life Support ambulance and is the town’s secondary EMS vehicle. Rescue 2 responds to all medical-related calls when Rescue 3 is unavailable or when a second ambulance is needed. It also serves as a backup unit when Rescue 3 goes out of service for repairs or maintanence.

Breaker 2

Breaker 2 is a 1971 Kaiser M35A2 6x6 brush breaker. It is a former military cargo truck that had previously served the Salisbury, MA Fire Department. It was acquired for no cost through federal excess and refurbished by department members at very little expense to the town. Breaker 2 is first due for all brush fires out of Station 2. It is equipped with a CET 300 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon water tank. Built specifically for off-road use, its unique design allows it to access areas that typical firefighting vehicles cannot.

Marine 2

Marine 2 is a 1974 13’ Boston Whaler with tow trailer. It is housed at Station 2and is used for water rescues on Long Pond and other bodies of water in town.