Information on Single-Stream Collection Services

Information Provided by Republic Services

Single Stream Recycling Collection Services:

Reminder Recycling collection will be WEEKLY on your normal trash collection day.

Freetown residents no longer need to remember which week to set out their recyclables – recyclables can now be set out for collection EVERY WEEK prior to 7:00 AM on your regularly scheduled trash collection day.

Single stream is a system in which all paper, plastics, glass bottles, tin cans, cardboard and junk mail are collected together, instead of being sorted into separate bins.  Your recyclable commodities are then taken to a recycling processing facility that has equipment to sort the materials properly.

Cardboard boxes for recycling must be broken down, each piece no larger than 2’x 2’.

Republic Services will use a specially equipped Single Operator Split Body Vehicle that is made to collect both trash and recycling in one truck with one Driver that has containment for both trash and recyclables in one vehicle.

Every pound of recyclables collected is kept from being dumped at the landfill and saves the Town dollars not spent on trash disposal – recycling is good for the environment and reduces the Town’s disposal expenses.

Split Body Vehicle Collection Information:

In order to provide the most efficient and cost effective service available to the Town and to keep costs as low as possible, Republic Services is using a Single Operator Split Body Collection vehicle to service the Town. The Split Body Collection Truck allows for only 1 truck and 1 Driver to drive to each home and pick up both the trash and recycling at the same time. This truck has two separate hoppers and body compartments that require our Driver to throw the Town’s Green PAYT trash bags in one hopper and the recycling in the other hopper. This enables Republic to efficiently collect all materials in one pass, thus providing the Town with cost efficiencies and reducing carbon emissions and wear and tear on Town roads. When the day’s stops are done we dispose of the trash and recycling separately at two different end sites. Photos of our Split Body vehicle at work are shown at left.

Additional Collection Information:

For safety purposes Republic’s collection truck will collect both trash and recycling from the right side of the truck only; this means that one side of a street may be picked up later than the other side of the street.

All recyclable material must be placed in a Recycling Barrel. Please use a barrel or similarly sized container that makes it easy for you to recycle; however, the size of the barrel /container cannot exceed 40 gallons.  The Town has a “Freetown Recycling” sticker available for you to place on the container or barrel you choose to use. “Freetown Recycling” Stickers are available at the Freetown Town Hall (3 North Main St), at the Transfer Station (49 Howland Road) in Assonet, and at Foster’s Hardware (175 County Road) in East Freetown. 

The purpose for this Recycling sticker is so our Driver can determine what is in the barrel / container. Due to DEP Waste Ban requirements we cannot mix trash with recyclables and this sticker will help us to determine the contents of the barrel / container you set out with recyclables.

Use paper bags for shredded paper or newspaper; set out with your recyclables in your Recycling Barrel.

The following items are prohibited from being set out with your recyclables:

Plastic Bags     Dirty Paper Towels       Food Waste      Styrofoam Packaging, Cups, or Plates Straws

Dryer Lint         Aluminum Foil             Dry Cleaning Plastic Bags

Please do not place recyclables in a plastic bag or a trash bag; plastic bags contaminate the recyclables as they cannot be processed by the conveyors at the recycling facility that processes the Town’s recycling loads.

The Town could incur contamination charges for their recycling loads if the prohibited items above are collected with recyclables or if recyclables are set out in plastic bags.