What is the Council on Aging?

What is the Council on Aging?  We are a department of the Town of Freetown and are responsible for providing services to all the residents age 60 and over. Our main focus is to help seniors and their families to understand the often complex issues that can result from the aging process.

The C.O.A. staff is an incredible asset to our seniors. We also have over 40 volunteers who give of their time freely to help keep us running as efficiently as possible. They are kind and considerate and when you call there will be someone to listen. They will tell you about our services and programs. The C.O.A. Board works very hard in trying to ensure that our senior population is being taken care of and each and every person is made to feel special.

The services provided here at the Council of Aging include help with Grant applications for income eligible seniors to have their home fixed for health and safety reasons that will enable them to remain in their homes longer, Fuel assistance applications for anyone, regardless of age and Brown Bag applications for income eligible seniors to receive a free bag of groceries per month.

We may be the Council of Aging but we are here for anyone that needs help regardless of age. We have never turned anyone away; we turn them in the direction for them to receive help.


Transportation is a very important factor in the life of a senior citizen. Our van is often a lifeline for many seniors who are not able to drive because of illness, loss of spouse, no driver's license and many other reasons. We provide this valuable service with the utmost respect and concern for our seniors. Our drivers are the best and go above and beyond to help when it is needed most.  The C.O.A. van takes the seniors: grocery shopping, doctor appointments, drug stores for prescriptions, beauty parlors, barbershop, and day care centers. The van is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please call the C.O.A. at 508-763-9557 for further information.  We must have at least a 24 hour notice for the van.

Brown Bag Program

The Brown Bag Program for income eligible seniors to receive a free bag of groceries once a month. Our volunteers travel to pick of the food and it is then available to be picked up at the senior center or our volunteers deliver to those who are shut in.

Senior Tax Program

The senior tax program is available for income eligible seniors where you can work 96.34 hours and receive $750.00 off your real estate taxes.

Fuel Assistance

Fuel assistance applications are available at the Senior Center for anyone that might be eligible for this program. A confidential meeting can be scheduled to help you with the process of completing the forms.

Grants for Seniors

Grants for Seniors are individual grants that are written for income eligible seniors to fix their homes through the USDA Rural Development. Seniors can receive up to $7,500.00 worth of work dome to their home without paying it back. They MUST live in their homes for 3 years after that. These grants are used for health and safety issues. Examples: new windows, new furnace, new doors, steps, handicap ramp, roof work, railings, deck work.

Blood Pressure Clinic

A blood pressure clinic is held once a month by the local Fire Department. They come to the Senior Center for blood pressure screening and blood sugar screening.

Local Representatives

Senator and state representatives visit monthly.


(Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Elders) once a month a Shine Counselor is available at the Senior Center to help educate our seniors on their insurance needs and completing applications.

Other Programs and Activities

Pitch/Card games, bingo, line dancing, exercise, podiatry clinic, seated massage, chair yoga, mat yoga, walking club, pool table, shuffleboard, horseshoes, watercolor classes, knitting & crocheting club, Senior Club, Kanakis Produce, muffins, tea time, luncheons, catered meals, birthday parties, cookouts, trips and more, including the Senior Profile Newsletter.

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