The Muster Ground

What is now the town Cemetery was formerly known as the Muster Ground. Here seventy or more years ago all the military companies in this vicinity had to assemble annually for election of officers, drill and such other duties as might be required of them. Delinquents were often brought into camp under guard, and required to perform military duty. The popular ration was muster cake and cider. The muster cake was a kind of gingerbread baked into loaves about six by eight inches in dimensions and scored across the top three or four times both ways. Many relics of the Assonet Light Infantry that formerly mustered here are in existence today, notable the sword of Capt. Nathan T. Strange, the last commanding officer of the company. Tradition says that there were "hot times in the old town" muster days.

The preceding is an article written by Maj. John M. Deane in 1902. It appears in the book A History of the Town of Freetown, Massachusetts published that year.