Inspector of Gas Piping

Gas Fitting Permit Policies

  • Permits issued only to persons or businesses holding a valid plumbing or gas fitting license.
  • Permits and fees must be received in advance of commencing work unless authorized by the plumbing inspector.
  • Proof of liability insurance or signed waiver must accompany all permits unless current liability form is on file with this office.

When is a Gas Fitting Permit Required?

A permit is required for all work that must meet the requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code, 248CMR.

Plumbing and gas permit applications are available in the Building Inspector's office. Permits must be submitted by a licensed plumber or gasfitter as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code.

Forms & Regulations

Application for Permit to Perform Gas Fitting Work

To schedule an inspection please call Inspector Alphonse at (508) 509-7525 between the hours of 7:00 - 8:00 am weekdays.

Fees Collected by Inspector of Gas Piping

List of fees collected by Gas Inspector