Town of Freetown on Facebook

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Did you know that the Town of Freetown is on Facebook? It's true! Launched in the fall of 2016, we post any "breaking news" that pops up in Town, like schedule changes, weather closures and more, in addition to other assorted news, alerts and reminders that may come up that Freetown residents need to be aware of. The page is run by Webmaster Timm McIntosh, out of the Board of Selectmen/Town Administrator's office.

The page can be found at or by searching "Town of Freetown"

It has been brought to our attention, however, that even though residents are followers of the Freetown Facebook page, they don't always see the updates that are posted. This is, unfortunately, due to the way Facebook ranks posts, which are algorithm-based instead of chronological. There are ways around this however!

How to See Town of Freetown Updates First on

On your home computer, navigate to, then the Town of Freetown Facebook page (the following screenshot features of the Freetown Police Department's page, but all Facebook pages have the same options)

If you select "See First" from the window that appears when you hover over "Following", the Town's Facebook posts will appear at the top of your News Feed whenever we post. This way you'll never miss another post!

You can also receive notifications of posts as well, by clicking the little pencil icon next to Notifications on the above window. The menu that follows explains the type of notifications available to you.


How to See Town of Freetown Updates First on the Facebook App

Whatever settings you choose on will transfer over to the Facebook app on your phone. To set up the settings from the Facebook app is largely the same. Simply navigate to the Town of Freetown page in the Facebook app, tap "Following", and the options will be on that screen, with a little explanation on each of them.