Activate Your Burn Permit - For Today Only

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You may not have an open burn without a valid permit number.

Click here to register for your permit if you do not currently have an open burn permit.

The applicant accepts the following conditions in obtaining a permit for Open Air Burning from the Freetown Fire department

  1. Permits are issued for burning brush, branches, cane, driftwood and forest debris ONLY.
  2. The permit must be activated daily online prior to initiating any burning.  Permits can be activated starting at 8:00 AM.  No permits will be issued after 2PM.
  3. Burning hours are between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM daily.  Fires must be completely extinguished each day by 4:00 PM.
  4. No burning is allowed within 75 feet of a dwelling or structure.
  5. The applicant agrees to control the fire at all times and to have a watering hose if possible.  If not, a rake and shovel or other means of extinguishing the fire should be available in the vicinity of the burn pile.
  6. Permit fires shall NOT be left unattended at any time.
  7. Permit fire may NOT cause a nuisance to others or create a hazard as deemed by the Chief of the Department or his designee.
  8. Burning of grass, hay, leaves, stumps, tires, building materials or rubbish is PROHIBITED.
  9. No burning is allowed for commercial or institutional purposes.
  10. Smoke limiting fuels must be used to ignite the fire.
  11. The use of gasoline or white fuel to start or maintain the fire is PROHIBITED.
  12. Additional regulations related to open burning may be enforced under this permit.
  13. This permit does not absolve the holder of any liability associated with open burning.
  14. This permit may be canceled or revoked at any time by the Chief of the Department or his designee.
  15. The completed permit must be available for inspection upon request of Fire Department or Police Department personnel.